Dyfi Enduro 2014

Garmin data here

The Dyfi is becoming a bit of an annual event for Patrick and I. My legs were feeling a bit tired from Wednesdays TT, but I was looking forward to getting away and being a bit sociable. The event is held at the same time as the Machynlleth comedy festival, so there is lots going on and people camping for the Enduro and the festival, so Machynlleth has a real buzz about it.

Ready to ride

Ready to ride

We drove up on Saturday put our tent up, registered and enjoyed a pint in the bar, when we got back to our tent a man pulled up in his jag, and asked us if we were any good at putting tents up. We ended up putting his tent up for him, he said he owed us a pint! (And still does!)



Sunday morning is a late start 11am (not like triathlon thank goodness) so after a leisurely breakfast and lie in, we rode down and queued up with everyone else. I could tell Patrick was feeling more competitive and confident than last year, as we lined up much nearer the front. I was feeling quite nervous as I don’t get out on my Mountain bike much, and I’m not so great on the descents. My plan was to get up ahead on the first climb so that it wasn’t so busy on the first descent. In 2013 I had walked the whole thing as I didn’t like having people behind me, and got psyched out waiting in the queue.

I had bought some flat pedals too so I was feeling a bit more confident about descending. (they were great on the downs, but I found it harder on the steeper technical ascents) As I approached the first descent a few people flew past, then there was a gap so I went for it, and managed to get down no problem. Patrick was behind, but he soon caught me up, as predicted, while I was munching on my snack. We continued like that for the rest of the way, and I was often passing the same people on the ups, then having to let them past on the downs.

At the feed station I waited for Patrick, and then started off ahead, he soon caught up again and went on to do the long loop while I slunk off back to the tent after doing the short course. You can see the course on Strava flyby here, it shows the route and who was riding around you, quite fun!

Its a great day out and good to do something out of my comfort zone that pushes me. I still think I could do it faster, and maybe I’ll do the longer route next year, but I had a fab time, and drunk far too much afterwards, I’m still recovering!

2014-05-04 15.34.09

Picked up a passenger on the way

2014-05-04 15.34.26

and after, another mug to add to our collection!



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