December Nutrition

At this time of year, every time you walk into a shop, you come face to face with large boxes of sugary treats. It is expected that you will at some point over Christmas “need” to have these products. We don’t! Its ok to treat yourself over the holidays, and its normal to put on a bit of weight as you will probably be exercising less and maybe eating more comfort foods, but think carefully about what you buy. If you buy it then you will eat it. Studies have shown that people who do not have these products (sugary drinks, biscuits etc) in their house eat a lot more healthily than those that do. (Sounds obvious, right?

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Keep things in perspective, Christmas is only one day, make sure you don’t carry on that festive indulgence for a month, you can do this by being mindful of what you are eating. By being mindful I mean asking yourself some questions.

Do I want to eat this?

Sometimes you eat things just because they are there, and you want to be polite, you don’t have to do this. You can politely say “no thanks, maybe later” or just not help yourself to things that you don’t really want.

Am I hungry?

A lot of the time we eat when we are not hungry. There are lots of reasons for eating (emotional, social, etc) but we only need to eat when we are hungry. If you are not hungry then don’t eat, simples!

Am I enjoying this food?

This is a bit like the first question, sometimes you will eat something and realise that you aren’t actually enjoying it, food should be enjoyable and a pleasant experience, but at times we can find ourselves eating things mindlessly without pleasure. Try and avoid this by being aware.

Have I eaten enough?

You don’t have to eat the whole bar of chocolate/cake/ jumbo bag of crisps, to satisfy a craving. You can have a small bit of something and feel satisfied with that, especially if you are not that hungry, and you just want to taste something that you enjoy.

How are you going to feel after eating/drinking this?

Choose treats wisely. If you are treating yourself, make sure that it is a treat. Is it really treating yourself to feel horrible after your binge? Is there another way you can treat yourself?

More tips next week on how to stay happy during the festive period.

3 thoughts on “December Nutrition

    1. welshveganfood Post author

      Thanks, I try to keep it simple, no banned foods, no diets, just eat in a balanced way and enjoy your food.


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