Strava debate, my two pence worth!

The Strava debate

I have recently decided to try to simplify my life a bit by not downloading everything to Strava. It has also coincided with a long break from training due to illness, so I have had more time to think about the pro’s and con’s. I found another feature the other day, where there is a leader board for clubs, so that you can see how you stack up against other people in terms of distance, time, etc. This is one of the reasons I dislike Strava. I find myself constantly comparing myself to others, which I am trying to do less of! So here goes my list of positives and negatives


  1. It allows me to compare my efforts and power data for a certain segment, or hill climb.
My record, while being chased by a dung laden tractor.

My record, while being chased by a dung laden tractor.

2.  I quite like the social side of having been out on a ride with others, it shows up that you had a ride with someone, and also allows you to comment on peoples rides. (I do have friends really!!)

3.  You can see where you are compared to others, however there is a limited women’s pool on Strava.


1. If you compare yourself to others on Strava you don’t know what the conditions were like, so you are not comparing like for like, they also may have been time trialling while you were on a long ride.

2. Sometimes people can comment negatively on your ride/feed.

3. If you look at what other people are doing it can cause anxiety about not doing enough.


If used wisely it can be fun to use. My husband has just recently entered some of the challenges on there, which got him out riding more than he would normally, so it can be good at motivating people.

I have started making my rides private, then I can still see my results and where I stack up, but I will probably not download everything, ultimately its something else to distract me from other stuff that I should or want to be doing, and I use Training peaks for analysis of data so I don’t really need another programme. However it did show me that I set a personal record on a section of road to Marros, and would have picked up a queen of the mountain had my ride not been private, while being chased by a tractor pulling s**t, maybe I should visualise that in future races 😉

Don't know which is worse, being behind or ahead of one of these.

Don’t know which is worse, being behind or ahead of one of these.

4 thoughts on “Strava debate, my two pence worth!

  1. rosemarybyde

    Hello! I’m not using strava, though I’m tempted for those times when you can show the world how fast you can ride up a hill 🙂 But I also know people who endlessly analyse and compare themselves to other people and their competitors. I don’t think I’d like them doing that to me and I’m not sure it’s entirely helpful. I have learnt that it is too easy to worry when you compare what you do in training, race prep etc to other people. You have to have confidence in what works for you, trust your coach (if you have one) and focus on what you can control i.e. your own performance and not everyone else’s. Lots of people don’t train smart!

    1. welshveganfood Post author

      True, anything that diminishes your confidence is not good, and comparing yourself to others is often damaging. It can be good fun though, and if you keep your rides private you can still see how fast you were on a segment compared to everyone else!

  2. Tim

    I have to admit I’m a bit of a Strava adict. Whilst it has altered the way I cycle for the worse (doing short sharp sprints mixed with really mellow cruising rather that a consistent pace), it does get me out of the house more than I normally would go. I do love a KOM! I’m not training for anything in particular at the moment so ultimately its a good thing. If I were training for an endurance event this type of training would be harmful so I would can it.

    1. welshveganfood Post author

      KOM/QOM are great, until you get an email saying someone “stole” your QOM! But I agree with you. I think its useful for motivation in some instances, and I enjoy using it, but not great for long steady rides. Good for TT and hill climbs though!


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