Dynamos LEJOG and thoughts on womens cycling

Last few weeks events:

  1. LEJOG on turbos with the dynamos.
  2. Devons Birthday.
  3. Thinking about the gender differences.
  4. Time trialling again with Power!


Narberth Dynamos decided to cycle as a Club from Lands End to John O’Groats in 24 hours on turbo trainers. This was part of Narberth Civic week to raise money for Paul Sartori (a local charity). It was Devon’s birthday on Saturday so I managed to get a Friday afternoon slot, and avoid the graveyard shift. We completed hour slots, most people did at least 2 but I didn’t think my husband would appreciate me doing 2 hours! Anyway, people managed an average of 25mph so we made it!! Next year there is a rumour of going further 😮

The boys came up to see me but Devon refused to get his photo taken with me. Milo obliged though

Milo, future Dynamo.

Milo, future Dynamo.

Devons Birthday

It was Devons 7th birthday on Saturday, its been a long run up with countdowns from June onwards and early wake ups because of the excitement! Finally the day came and we planned to go to Blue Lagoon, a pool down the road from us with water slides and wave machine. As we were walking from the car to the pool, Devon ran past and tripped, falling on his arm, he was in quite a bit of pain, but soon chirped up when he saw his friends. We carried on with the day, and then the next day took him to hospital, where he had x-rays and a cast put on, a brilliant start to the summer holidays!

Can still do lego!

Can still do lego!

Thinking about the gender differences

I read an article on Total Women’s Cycling, here about the barriers to women cycling, and it got me thinking about the differences between the sexes. My typical male and female sides vary from day to day (probably depending on my hormones!) One thing that came through in the article, was that women don’t like being cat called when exercising. Its threatening and unacceptable, BUT I was cycling with the club the other week, past a pub, and a woman outside the pub shouted out “show em your tits…” to her friend. Nobody called back, I think the woman assumed we were all male. I wondered if the men felt the same way as a group of women would have done, if a male had been calling out to them. I was quite annoyed about it, and chatting to Patrick later on we came to the conclusion that sometimes it is better to behave like a man, and sometimes better to behave like a woman. If we could work out when those situations were and not be pigeonholed into gender stereotypes then we would probably all get along a lot better. Incidently the woman that shouted out was, in my opinion, just rude. Caitlin Moran, has a good theory, that we are all just “the guys” and if you think someone is being rude then you call them on it, then it isn’t labelled as sexism.

Also tweeted a production company about the women’s coverage of The Slateman and received this reply. I think its a bit lame, what do you think? Race is shown here

Twitter feed

Twitter feed

Time trialling again…

Another time trial with the Velos, improved my time, and got some power data, although I forgot to press start on my garmin and got 1 and a half miles in then realised, so didn’t have the whole distance! Data is here.

I cycled to the start for a change, which made for a long evening. I got about half an hour from home and started to get blurred vision and feel a bit clammy, luckily I had a gel on my bike (in case of emergency) and about 10 minutes later I was feeling OK again. Not pleasant. I have also entered the Welsh championship 10 mile TT in Abergavenny, will probably come in pretty slow compared to others but we might go camping up there for a few days before.

I’m starting to get loads of emails about events for next year now, which to enter?……

2 thoughts on “Dynamos LEJOG and thoughts on womens cycling

  1. rosemarybyde

    Hi Celia, I had the same thoughts as you re Slateman coverage. If anything, it was even worse than last year. I was fuming! You might not have thought there was a women’s race going on at all for most of the show. (that was aside to my questioning of the 5 lead men finishing in a pack … no drafting / assisting by switching at the front, really??) I suggested to the organisers ages ago that they might consider setting women off first, timed so that the first male / female should finish approx together (I read about a race down south somewhere that does this). This would mean:

    a) all women in the same wave, straight head to head race, no doubt about positions
    b) more exciting racing .. .will the men catch up, will the women keep their lead?
    c) easier to give more even TV coverage – if you’ve only got a few cameras then it’s better that the races are converging (film both swims, head up the road, bit of female bike, wait for the men, then go ahead to the run)

    They said they’d consider it but obviously decided against.

    The only thing in favour of the TV crew is that the 3rd placed female came from wave 4 or 5 – so interviews at the end and any story that they might have filmed / constructed from wave 1 would have been messed up. This was a problem on the organiser’s side.

    Erm … rant over!

    I did a race last weekend with two waves – women and supervets first, everyone else second. It was BRILLIANT. Women against women in the swim, clear roads up front on the bike. I felt like the quality of our race was given equal consideration.

    1. welshveganfood Post author

      I agree that it was worse. Glad you ranted, its really important for girls growing up to see women doing things like this. Lots of men complained about the women’s coverage to me too! So its not like nobody wants to see women competing. I like your ideas, wonder if there is a group that supports anything like this. I liked dream teams response, that they had plenty of shows where there was a women bias, and then didn’t tell me which ones!!


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