Celia Boothman

Founder of LTR coaching. Kona finisher 2017, and 2 x IM Wales top 12 overall women.

A personal triathlon and nutrition service run by Kona-qualifier, mum of two, Celia Boothman, and located in Pembrokeshire, the home of Ironman Wales, with a focus on performance and nutrition for long and short course triathletes.
Services include, online training and nutrition packages, and rural training weekends with a focus on great food, and optimum nutrition.

I believe that through my varied experience (outdoor instructor, teacher, and cycling coach) I have the tools to help people to achieve their goals.

My ethos

  • To empower you to make positive improvements in your life.
  • To demonstrate and teach best practice.
  • To keep up to date with developments and apply these to your training.
  • To be flexible in my approach.
  • To find out about what works for you as an individual.

To see what I can offer you, contact me for Triathlon Coaching.




2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Daniel McParland

    Hi Celia,

    Didn’t realise you were racing on Sunday until my sister (Louise McP) told me afterwards. Huge congrats for qualifying that is an amazing achievement especially when there is only one slot up for grabs. I’ve just read your race report and I remember the dinosaur in Narberth! I wish I’d known that it was Patrick at the time I would have shouted hello.

    Enjoy Kona it is an incredible place to visit and the Ironman out there is a different beast! My biggest tip is to book your accommodation immediately, all the best condos and hotel rooms close to the pier sell out a year in advance so have a look around and get your names against something. Just fire me an email if you want my perspective on best flights/place to stay etc, I stayed for 3 weeks back in ’12 and had the time of my life.

    Congrats again and Aloha!!

    1. welshveganfood Post author

      Thanks, Patrick said he saw you! Really excited about qualifying, but also pretty scary too, the heat is going to be a bit of a shock after the perfect conditions we had in Wales! We’ve been looking at flights etc. Did you book it all independently? We’ll probably fly to west coast of USA then get a transfer but I’m not sure yet, theres so much to take in. Thanks for the tip about accommodation will have a look, would be good to know where you stayed. Luckily there are a few people I know around here that have been/are going to Kona so I can quiz them too, thanks for getting in touch 🙂


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